About us

JanT-K was founded in 2019 by two long term friends Francesca and Dana.

This adventure started when the two friends were sailing across the Caribbean Islands and stumbled upon small hut on Union Island. The owner of this peculiar bar was a very interesting looking man named Janti.

Janti told the two friends that the area where the bar was located was originally deserted and surrounded by nothing but barbed wire. But the view was so incredible, with the sea crashing on the rocks all around it, that Janti  decided to build his bar right there. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of patience but little by little he was finally able to open his bar that is now called “Happy Island” where today loads of people get to enjoy the amazing sunsets that the view has to offer.

This tale and the lucky encounter with Janti inspired Francesca and Dana who created a line of jewelry where the core element is the knot of the barbed wire, as a symbol of resilience and possibility. The knot is a reminder of how the best results are often hidden behind the obstacles we have to face.

All the products are made in Valenza (Italy), one of the most important areas in global jewelry production. Its goldsmith’s art is characterised by the production of handcrafted jewelry and unique pieces.

Each product is conceived, designed, created and packaged by our team, made with 18kt gold and diamonds selected by professional gemologists.

First drawings